‘Crossing A Line’ Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

Mike Shinoda for Genius: talks about the lyrics of his song ‘Crossing A Line’

📅 August 2018

📺 Genius

📖 3 min read

Mike: The stuff that I’m talking about on this record, it’s very revealing, right? And you gotta have a certain level of “Ooh, I said that, should I say that?”

So much was happening in my life and in my mind that I had too much material, you know? I’m used to the idea of like - if I’m thinking of something or feeling something, then I’m writing a song about it. It was just a journey song by song. If you listen to the whole album - chronologically it goes from a dark place to a lighter place. So, “Crossing A Line” is kind of in the middle of that journey.

They’ll tell you I don’t care anymore

And I hope you’ll know that’s a lie

Cause I found what I have been waiting for

But to get there means crossing a line

So I’m crossing a line


Releasing an album under my name, Mike Shinoda, as opposed to Linkin Park, as opposed to Fort Minor - that’s not something I’d done before. I’ve never done a Mike Shinoda album, or whatever. The thought was like - number one, what does that sound like? Number two, do I wanna put a whole album of all this personal stuff out?

I don’t know how to warn you

For what I’m gonna say

Cause you’re holding too tight to

What I’m taking away


You know, as I go out here and do this thing, or as I’m doing something different, that doesn’t mean that I have any less respect for what the past has been.

I got demons inside me

So I’m faced with a choice

Either try to ignore them

Or I give them a voice


Some of that stuff felt personal and like... your inclination to say, “Oh, this is personal. I don’t know if I should say that to everybody.” I felt empowered by actually sharing the story and it actually helped other people who were feeling the same thing.

And it’s keeping me up at night

Worried it’s not alright

Holding back things you don’t know

And it’s keeping me up at night

Worried it’s not alright

You’re not gonna like where this goes

It’s not about status

You know it never was

Cause what good is the kingdom

When you’re missing the love

This is not a goodbye now

I’m not going away

No, I don’t have the answers

But I do have the faith


This isn’t me looking back at it and saying, “Okay, well, let me explain everything that’s happening with this album and here’s a definitive understanding of things.” This album is some early part on a journey, you know? And after this album, the next songs I make, the next shows I do, and all that stuff - there’s a lot of unknowns there. I just have this faith that as long as I’m investing in myself and I’m investing in this thing that I’m making, then it’ll be fine.