NOWRE TV Interview with Joe Hahn

Joe Hahn talks about his photo exhibition ‘Carry On’, as well as updates on the rest of the band members and potential future of the band

📅 May 2019


📖 2 min read

I always get asked questions about what‘s going on with the band and this and that. But I think that there’s nothing going on with the band except for the fact that we‘re best friends.

A lot of bands don’t stay together as long as we have, and the ones that have - they’re pretty awesome. It’s not because they‘re successful, there’s plenty of success out there, but it’s how they can succeed together.

When we started making music, we had a certain energy about us and certain influences all the way from whatever was popular as far as rock and heavy metal but also hip-hop, electronic, and also just the exploration of sound - what is possible beyond what those individual genres have. I think the main thing is the dynamic of the energy, and how do we bring that energy and that feeling that we love into what we personally want to say.

I think the lyrics and the music really tap into that and I think that‘s a universal emotion that’s felt through the song so it allows us to have our base in US but also be able to come to places like China. And the evolution of the music is just our natural tendency to want to improve ourselves or try different things, be experimental and not approach the same problem the same way. We‘re not manufacturing a product based upon what’s expected. We put expectations on ourselves, we talk about it.

I think this is definitely something difficult, the most difficult thing we‘ve dealt with. You lose your best friend - how do you deal with that? I think everyone is dealing with that part in their own way, individually. The most important thing to focus on is our relationship. Even what we do in the future, or what the music is going to be, or all that - that’s not even a priority.

Carry On is a personal experience for me. About April 2017, I got a camera that I really like to shoot pictures with. The story of the photographs starts at that time. It ends when we stopped touring. And for me, the camera is an important item that I choose to take. I wanted to be able to find a way to share those memories. And also for me, it was therapeutic to carry on with my life.

We’re trying to get to a place where we can just enjoy being around each other and naturally make something. But as far as an expectation of a tour or an album, that‘s not something that we talk about. It’s more like - hey, the same way that we got together to show what someone wrote and play it together, or give it to someone to turn it into something, or just go to dinner or lunch together, or have our kids play together - that‘s what we do.