Special Interview with Joe Hahn at The Steve Hatherly Show (Part 2)

Joe talks about music and his performance at the YOURSUMMER Music Festival

📅 July 2019

📺 TBS eFM 101.3MHz

📖 4 min read

Steve: YOURSUMMER festival taking place at Paradise City Culture Park on the 15th of August. This is pretty cool. Zedd is gonna be there, Cash Cash is gonna be there, CHVRCHES is gonna be there, Joe’s gonna be there as well. You excited about this one? It’s pretty cool.

Joe: Yes, very excited. I’ve been wanting to play a festival in Korea for a long time. 

Steve: Is it something that you get to do a lot? I mean, you’re focusing a lot on this photo exhibit right now but just going around and DJing and playing different venues or playing festivals...

Joe: I don’t do it a lot. I think I’m doing too many different things. I don’t get asked a lot to do it. Hint, hint. [smiles]

Steve: [laughs] Well, you’re booked in August. I always ask DJs this, do you go in with a kind of a preset notion, a setlist, if you will, of what you’re gonna do or do you just kind of look at the crowd, play your first track and then go from there?

Joe: I definitely have to prepare because, you know, I don’t DJ all the time. It’s actually good ’cause when it comes up, it puts me in a position to explore what’s new. I try to get the new stuff in there but blend it with a lot of the goodies. 

Steve: So when you say a good opportunity to explore what’s new, meaning when you’re doing your other projects you kind of fall behind a little bit in what the crowds might be into at clubs or festivals so it gives you a chance to kind of catch up in that sense?

Joe: Yeah, I mean, I don’t go to clubs. I go to sleep too early for that. [laughs]

Steve: What’s your bedtime? What’s Joe Hahn’s bedtime?

Joe: [sighs] 8:30...

Hanna: In the morning. [laughs]

Joe: We have dinner at 5:00. Sometimes before that so I can catch the early-bird-special. 

Steve: Oh, you and I could be very good friends. I eat at 4:30 in the afternoon. 

Joe: It’s actually healthy for you! That’s another program.

Steve: That’s why I do it, sure. Let’s go with that.

Joe: Intermittent fasting.

Steve: Yeah… So what’s coming up next then for your DJing or perhaps for the photo exhibit? Is it a traveling show beyond Korea as well?

Joe: We don’t have any set dates but we’re in talks about having it in Germany. And maybe even a few more places in Korea. 

Steve: You’re always here in and out, in and out for projects. Do you ever see yourself maybe in the future having a place here that you could call your own and maybe living here for a portion of the year?

Joe: I wouldn’t mind, but the real estate is very expensive here. So I’m a bit priced out. [smiles]

Steve: I got an extra room I can rent you out.

Joe: For that I will deal.

Hanna: Can we expect anything else now that you are going to end the variety show? Another variety show in Korea or any collaborations with Korean artists?

Steve: Or even any new projects that you haven’t done yet?

Joe: Don’t put expectations on me because I’d rather overdeliver. You know, there’s no plans. I definitely intend to be more present and explore more opportunities whether it’s another show or... They haven’t asked me to come back on the show, maybe because I annoyed the producer so much. I’m open to everything. I mean, I still have my responsibilities with the band and whatever we’re gonna do next, that’s number-one priority. I think that’s the reason why I’m sitting here today. But aside from that, I’d love to do more projects. I’d love to contribute more. I’d love to be present and have a reason for young people to connect with other artists or give things a try. I think that’s what the thing I loved about Superband is the fact that young people are given a chance.

Steve: And it’s a different genre of music to you, right?

Joe: Yeah. I mean it’s not even a genre. It’s like - be a band, show what you can do. That’s what I love about it. You know, it’s funny ’cause when I talk to people in the States I say, “Oh, I’m doing this music thing in Korea” and they’re like, “Oh, K-pop!” It’s like there’s a stereotype with Korea now. And part of me is like - okay, I’d love for these guys to get to the dynamics of what rock used to be and achieve that in a worldwide way. Of course K-pop something to be proud of but... it’s all music, you know?

Steve: And there’s more than just K-pop and you want people to know that. Joe, thank you so much once again for coming back on the show. And as I said last time, the door is always open.  Whenever you’re back here, you come back and see us.

Joe: Thank you!